Love Energy

Love Miracle

Valentine’s day reminds me of love and its power on our lives. Starting with our parents, friends and other beautiful people have brought meaning to our lives through their love gestures, words and actions.

Professor Alexander Lyod points to ‘love’ as an antidote to ‘fear.’ The latter according to him is the root cause so many negative internal and external experiences. In his 25 years researched and well documented book “Beyond WillPower,” he explains the power of love which is an energy like that of light which can have positive physical healing frequency. He calls for a new focus on loving everyone and everything, and letting go of all the thoughts and feelings that would not be based in love.

Love & Healing

I used to ask the very sick and particularly terminally ill persons who are  to meditate and think constantly about the moments when they received and gave love in a personal way. Gradually they were able to experience the healing energy coming from love experiences and some of them were healed by love energy.

Love tool

-Try to meditate on a good love experience for few minutes, relieve its memories, get the feel of the person or persons involved in it. Stay there for a while and allow those memories and loveliness fill your whole being (body and mind).

-Thank the Creator who is the source of true love.

-Try this ‘love energy’ along with other healing medication and helps your context offers you. If you experience new strength do share that experience. It may appear to be simple but it is very effective.



The above Italian Quotation Means: “Love is the true beauty of life.”



A path out of ‘burn-out’

Nature and Serenity

Going closer to nature and being there for some minutes every day itself is a great help to find peace and joy. All those who are stressed out could try to take a walk into the forest or at least to a park in their vicinity. Those who are deprived of the closeness of beloved persons and nature tend sometimes to be more aggressive. It may be due to the fact that they were not given the chance to grow in a loving environment and also did not have the nature closer to them to enliven their hearts.


A path out of ‘burn-out’

I always used to ask the burn-out and depressed people to try the natural walk. And used to invite them go green, to befriend the animals and birds along with nurturing warm relationships with someone. God’s grace, human touch and nature’s presence can lead to serenity. Thus the passion to be optimistic will increase.

Are you suffering from Burn outs?

Dedicated and sincere people suffer burn-outs sometimes out of lack of recognition, respect and exploitation.


Proper scheduling of our time, loving care, spiritual initiatives and goodness may bring new hope. There are some more thoughts could be added to that. May other two blogs have something to add in this direction: You may visit: