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A path out of ‘burn-out’

Nature and Serenity

Going closer to nature and being there for some minutes every day itself is a great help to find peace and joy. All those who are stressed out could try to take a walk into the forest or at least to a park in their vicinity. Those who are deprived of the closeness of beloved persons and nature tend sometimes to be more aggressive. It may be due to the fact that they were not given the chance to grow in a loving environment and also did not have the nature closer to them to enliven their hearts.


A path out of ‘burn-out’

I always used to ask the burn-out and depressed people to try the natural walk. And used to invite them go green, to befriend the animals and birds along with nurturing warm relationships with someone. God’s grace, human touch and nature’s presence can lead to serenity. Thus the passion to be optimistic will increase.


Are you suffering from Burn outs?

Dedicated and sincere people suffer burn-outs sometimes out of lack of recognition, respect and exploitation.


Proper scheduling of our time, loving care, spiritual initiatives and goodness may bring new hope. There are some more thoughts could be added to that. May other two blogs have something to add in this direction: You may visit:


Purnarita courses in India-2017



A Journey into Passionately Optimistic Integration

With NLP Optimism, Mind Power & Mood Designing for Harmonious Integration

Purnarita’ means blending physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of life to be fully alive and human. Losing the passion & optimism in life is due to the stress, competition, and demands of the hectic lives that one is pushed into.. On the path to purnarita, this course will lead one into the world of Neuroscience, Mood Design, NLP Optimism, Logosynthesis, Inner Healing and Spiritual Integration in a Spiritual (Franciscan) Way.

Specific Focus It will begin with a gradual inner journey of identifying the aspects and issues that need care and attention. This awareness will lead one to make use of the therapies and instruments to heal the past and strengthen oneself.  The healing effected will activate the excellence and creative potentials to be successful in one’s respective filed. The culmination is to travel beyond inner journey into contemplation of God which will lead to a spiritual integration along with the excellence.


Eclectic methods are used to accompany the participants to begin the journey into harmonious integration. Throughout the seminar there will be an invitation to be optimistic in order to become aware of the God given wonders, blessings, powers within and outside. One will personally experience the power and effect of being passionately positive and loving as God does always. For a trained counselor, it would be a time for updating the NLP & other therapies useful in helping people handle their life concerns with creative configuration and grow healthily. Getting introduced to creative tools like: Recent Mind Power Research, Brain Gym/Dance & Smart Habits.  Participants will be helped to evolve a design for personal, social & spiritual Integration.

First session:

27th Nov – 1st December 2017- at FISI, Bangalore, India


+91/80 2860 5015, +91/80 25996138, Director, Shanthi Sadhana Institute of Spirituality, R.V. College Post, Mysore Road, Bangalore-560 059, India

The Second: 

Purnarita at Anugraha – 18-22, Dec 2017

Capuchin Institute for Psychotherapy & Research, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, S. India

=>Course for Personal Growth and Healing (Open to all)

(During this course healing sessions are conducted every evening)

18th to 22nd Dec 2017 – at Anugraha, Dindigul Tamilnadu , India (

Capuchin Institute For Counselling and Psychotherapy, Nochiodaipatty, Natham Road,
Dindigul Tamil Nadu – 624003, South India, Tel 0091-451-2550100, 9486486899

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