Books to think creatively-(1)

In our touch phobic world, there is felt need by the neuroscientist like David J. Linden and others to help people become truly human through the sense of touch. Updating our knowledge in neuroscience can open our eyes to what is happening within and around us. A good psychologist, a spiritual thinker, parents, teachers and leaders cannot ignore the fact that genuine affective touch can build people and make them truly happy. ‘Affective touch deprived children’ are not able to respond that effectively sometimes. And touch can bind people together and help them grow happily. Starting with the touch of a mother, father, friend, relative and to the sexual touch of a partner, social & personal touch in general, can in all envigorate a person in a very amazing way. The following book by David J. Linden takes us to a world of neuroscience and then back to our personal & social lives.

David J. Linden, Touch: The Science of the Sense that Makes Us Human, Penguin Books, 2015


A good psychologist, parent and a leader have to update their knowledge in neuroscience and a neuroscientist also have access to the affective and mystical world of spirituality.