Smile with/without technology

One of my professors has limited use of the computers and mobile phone. He purposefully uses the landline to communicate with many persons known to him. But sometimes he smiles at others who complain that their system has erased all their data. The secret of his serenity is the wisdom filled understanding that he cannot know everything but has to know basic things essential for his meaningful life and the job he is involved. Although we have gone very far in technology, the old system of hand written notes still holds good for privacy.


A balance in informing us of the blessings of modern gadgets and its use can be of help. Traditional ways like using a note book for notes, using the land line phone, purposeful avoidance of mobile use for some days when one takes time out could make us serene amidst the stress of the technology filled world. Going green sometimes and be with the nature bare footed to enjoy our original connections with nature. Some old technology still holds good and each of us have to look back and have access to them.

World market with its creative manipulations is going to make us nervous if we are not careful about our priorities and choices. Lack of emotional strength and affectivity is affecting our young people mostly while facing job related technological challenges. The confusion is about what to choose and the how of it? The seductive and persuasive nature of the media, in this Android Generation is that it can convince us of certain things which may not actually be important. Creative and innovative thinking while realistically caring for oneself with true values, will brighten up our future. There could be a day in our week when we don’t use or have minimum use of mobile and other gadgets. Some of us if cheated & carried away by the media sometimes, it is understandable. But if majority in the world lack critical and deeper thinking where would we end? Manipulative market will say,  we also have to live…!


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