Words, gestures & People

The great treasure in each one of us is the potential of hope we have through our words, gestures and presence. Hope exists in different people and reaches the most needed situations and people giving them new life. WP_20170308_07_14_25_Pro

It convinces me that we need to share good thoughts and words when possible. It will not cost us much but it may lighten somebody’s burden.

A man of incomparable hope

Every word that Pope Francis speaks inspires many who listen to him. You may also like the reflections of him in the following post I made recently. In that he explains how one could be truly happy.


People like Pope Francis speak a language that touches us very deeply and gives us hope.

The following words of Sophia Loren was sent to me recently in whatsapp and when I forwarded it to others few responded saying that it came in a moment when they needed that badly. Sophia Loren is a popular actress whose words carry optimism,  she is known for her self-care & elegance. Note the inspirational touch of her words

“When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone….. When I was sure of Losing, I won……. When I needed People the most, they Left me……. When I learnt to dry my Tears, I found a shoulder to Cry on…… When I mastered the Skill of Hating, Someone started Loving me from the core of the Heart…… And, while waiting for Light for Hours when I fell asleep, the Sun came out….. That’s LIFE!! No matter what you Plan, you never know what Life has Planned for you…… Success introduces you to the World……. But Failure introduces the World to you……. ……Always be Happy!! Often when we lose Hope and think this is the end… God smiles from above and says, “Relax Sweetheart; It’s just a Bend, not the End..!”


Passionate Life & Rita

Am I a flourishing person who lives well in the present? If you could answer positively to this question then you may find the following reflections reflecting your life.

“Ignite your passion was the invitation,” by Suma Varughese, the editor of the Life Positive magazine, India. In her recent article titled “Fuel your flame,” she tries to define a life filled with passion. “Passion is the power that drives us long after our energy forsakes us. It is what takes us back to the drawing board time and time again, until we finally have it right. It is what enables us to prop up our drooping eyes, straighten our slumping form and continue laboring into the night long after exhaustion has rung in. It is what enables us to climb mountains, discover continents, uncover the secrets of life and create enduring works of art. The script of excellence is written with the ink of passion.” (www.lifepositive.com/Magazine/Jan2017)

You are welcome to read the rest of this article where she brings in the life story of few great men and women who made the difference by their passionate commitment to life and one another. You would be inspired by her passion, personal touch and artistic presentation.WP_20170204_22_32_48_Pro.jpg

I would also combine passion with Rita that is harmony. Passionately positive people will also find ways and means to strengthen themselves in a harmonious way. Life struggles may drain the passion of life and may lead one to stress and anxiety. In all these moments finding flourishing ways with self-care, healthy hobbies, receiving love in the presence of intimate people, engaging in creative activities that will fit with one’s passion and getting connected with the Creator through meditations and other methods of faith will bring true happiness, Rita (harmony) and passion.

(This picture was drawn by one of the participants of the Purnarita Course at Mater Dei Institute, Goa, India in Feburary 2017. It represents the journey into harmonious integration with a personal whisper: I am a blessing …etc.)