Propelling Pro-action in this New Year & beyond!

People who used to be very generous, kind and gentle are sometimes struck deeply by exploitation and manipulation that they either react too much or withdraw themselves into a solitary place. Emotional out bursts could be present when one’s limits are tried. I was surprised to see some of my strong negative reactions some years ago when I felt exploited beyond the limits. People who knew me to be a person full of heart approaches and gentleness were hurt by some of my over reactions. And it took some months of inner journey and integration to reconcile with the hostile realities I was facing.


While facing a stark reality of life where one may tend to lose the existential grip can be very painful. Take the example of people who have to suddenly leave their homes and native country due to an emergency may tend to be reactive.

Proactive approach proposed by Stephen R. Covey is a great source of strength and resilience. I got many insights from his well-read book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” After that the very word ‘proactive’ used to bring new surge of energy into my being.

It is an attitude of response with conscious awareness of the realities of life that had led us into pain and accept the weakness if it is true and also bear the pain with resolve to achieve something. He asks us to use our imagination to do the brain storming to try different possibilities and never give up gaining support from the independent will. If we continue to be optimistic and pro-active. In our world of competition one could be led to react everyday if he is under stress but one can also make up one’s will to be passionate positive. We need integrated initiatives to see beyond obstacles the hope of arriving at our goals. For more insights in this way you may also visit my other blog: