During the moments of Anxiety & fear … What can we do?

In all our lives there could be moments when our roots are shaken due to some untoward happening or failure. During those painful or frightening moments the predominant emotions like fear and anxiety surface in great proportions.


“I am afraid that my reputation will be gone. I fear terribly that someone my tarnish my name in the web by publishing materials against me. What will my family think about me if it happens? Will I be able to stand the calumny of my opponents? How could I safeguard my good reputation? I think it is better that I run away somewhere to the unknown place…” Thoughts of this nature are sure to surge in times of great agony, accusation and fall. Have you had these moments in your life? How to help people who suffer similar moments of uncertainty and anxiety?


The possible responses:

-Talk to someone who care about you. A Good counselor, a friend, a caring family member who can understand or a spiritual companion

-Inhibit: Mind will crowd you with too many anxious thoughts so try to set priorities and say that you will deal with one issue at a time.

-Positive whispers to boost the inner child: Tell to yourself that you are in control of yourself. You are a good person, sincere, noble and genuine. You will do your best to improve the situation. There are people to support you… etc.

-Deep breathing: deep breathing is said to be of great help to handle a crisis moment. I used to ask stressed people to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply as often as possible specially during the moment of deep stress and anxiety. It has calming effect on our whole person.

-Handling anxiety: Too many things will bring more anxious thoughts and to handle this one could just doing some relaxation exercise, sing a song that gives hope and optimism, go for a free walk.

-Meditation: I would recommend a ‘Harmonic Integration Meditation’ Try to find a quiet place in your vicinity and sit quietly there for a while  if you can. Then being there slowly become aware of the Creator God’s presence in and around you. In fantasy go to a comfort zone and be there with the beloved Creator God in a way that pleases you. Allow the healing grace and warmth of HIM/HER flow through you and into the persons/situations that make you suffer. Surrender everything and be there as long as you wanted. Reminding yourself that you rely on God’s help and will overcome this agony with His/Her help. You may also visit: http://charlesalphonse.blogspot.co.il/2016/11/purnarita-dhyana-harmonious-integration.html

-Plan out a course of action/response with the help of friends and others who can be of support and help to you. Believe & remember that you have the potential within to respond appropriately!