Harmonious Integration

What does this mean?

In one of my recent seminars one of our participants raised this question. Today we hear a lot about integration and so what does this mean? Another person asked what does this mean to be an integrated person in this violence filled & exploiting world?

Like once a middle aged person approached an elderly person and began talking about the world conflicts and particularly the political and religious conflicts that affect the world. Immediately the elderly person closed his eyes and said: Leave me alone and don’t disturb my serenity.”

Respecting people for their age we need to also ask a serious question about what does it mean to be an integrated person in this world of ours. Is it to close ourselves within a protected shell and avoid facing the reality ?

Harmony could come by individual and common initiatives of integration. Truly inspired people cannot keep quiet, they have to do something and be somebody to make this world little more harmonious place. In this process one may have to make big sacrifices, sometimes loose the comfort, power and even very life. There are some realities where there is no other choice than to be pro-active if not one may be led to violent reactions.


Important target groups are our Children & Youth: Our present and future youth need attention and affection along with other motivational educative measures to have a global mindset while growing up in a local context. Some of them are deprived of safer, conducive and affectionate environment to grow healthily. In all the war & conflict ridden countries, children are the worst affected persons who are in danger of becoming rigid, violent and cold. They are disintegrated in many ways. All truly sensible and faith-filled people have the responsibility to come together to transform this world a better place of respect, love and dignity. Running away is neither the solution nor the sign of integration. What we need is global collaboration for a just and safer world.



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