Vibrant Person/s presence in our lives

In one of the personal growth seminars on psycho-sexual maturity Prof. Gerald McGlone said, “Even in the so called developed societies many people grow into adulthood without proper guidance, there is no one sometimes to guide the young and particularly in the areas related to personal struggles, sexuality and affectivity. Each one learns by himself most often alone because even the parents are not willing to freely discuss matters concerning sexuality and its awakening.” Life skills, in this way are learnt by some in a very partial way and may not be effective.

It brought to my awareness the need to have sensitive and understanding persons who can stand by us as we grow. Love, supportive environment, encouragement, security, presence of caring people are vital factors in our growth process. Thoughtful parents are able to fulfill that duty of accompanying their children by being a caring parents and friends to their children. But many are not able to do that due to their own life commitments to earn their livelihood which separates them from their beloved children.

Begin to search for one to confide and receive loving assurance:

Keeping aside the past however limiting it could be, one could search and find caring and guiding people who can accompany him/her as one goes through life realities. It is important to find trust worthy people who could be relied upon and confided. Their presence will become a comfort zone for us where we will find the missing link and bonding that might have been lost due to abusive childhood.Hors-1d

While accompanying people I found always that this sort of bonding emerging out of opening up to someone strengthening the person who receives support.  And it was also sometimes mutually enriching for both the persons who are into a quality relationship while sharing  and listening about life issues. These could happen during a counselling session, spiritual, other personal growth sessions or while just engaging in a casual talk with a trust worthy person.

Are you struggling alone? Do you feel that you are left out in life? Is this your feeling that you have a terrible past? Then you have a hope if you search and find a trust worthy person to just start sharing about what you feel. And if she/he is truly matured then it is going to make you blossom.