There is something in Listening caringly

Few of my friends are great listeners and with two of them I could share anything without the fear of being judged or manipulated. Some of us are able to listen for hours together and most of us may like to talk. People who facilitate sharing in others do a great service to the humanity. When someone listens carefully one feels understood.

Something beautiful unfolds

Listening is an art and it is a gift too. This art can be learned if we are ready for that. In one of my recent Holistic Integration and Healing seminars I spent many hours listening to the participants life stories. What touched me most was the blessing that empathetic listening brought to them and to me. Thoughtful listening will lead a person to understand the feeling and meaning beyond the words spoken. It effects deeper healing. Unlike in sympathy, in empathetic listening, we are not lost in the feelings expressed by the person who comes to share with us their life struggles.  But we are able to be fully present to the person and go beyond the words to help the person feel understood.

Trust builds up gradually


Invariably on the second or the third day of a personal growth seminar people go to open up to someone they feel trustworthy. This sharing and listening brings people together and there is a new bond being established there. We need good listeners in the family, society and in the world. Let us humanise the world by our listening.