Praying Together leads to harmony — Holistic and Creative Optimism

Faith unites usOn 23rdof March 2016, the Christians of San Camillo De Lellis parish area here in Rome, Italy came together for a common prayer service & visits meditating on the passion of Jesus. It was very inspiring because we had Lutherans, Evangelicals, Catholics from different religious communities and people from different countries participated in…

via Praying Together leads to harmony — Holistic and Creative Optimism


Gifting one’s presence

In Moments of pain our presence matters

“The victims of this road accident were not 13 but will be 15; when we return back to Torino we will end our lives… We live in a bubble nothing has more sense for us, we are dead always, there is nothing ours in this world,” were the painful expressions of the parents of one of the diseased students namely Valencia a medical students from Torino, Italy. What could be our response in these moments of pain and uncertainty? One of the answers is to be there in those difficult moments with affection and respect. Recently I met a person who met with an accident and said that hereafter he cannot expect a better cure and has to continue like that. I just looked at him with respect and tenderness. It was an experience of understanding what he feels. Recently I have further learned to listen attentively and caringly to such sharing because it comes from life struggles. It is true only a wounded person can understand the pain of others’ wounds.

IMG_0920Today being Good Friday a thought about the passion of Christ would give us a redemptive meaning and empathy to accompany people who suffer. And Jesus was said to be doing that and his heart was deeply moved.   He willingly accompanied people who were losing hope in their lives. Let us try to listen to people who have silent cry and lamentation.

A suffering heart is soothened by the presence of someone who is present to gift hope with his/her empathetic presence. It will make one more fully human and alive.