A Heart of Mercy for the New Year

There are moments when our roots are shaken but when we let the compassionate grace to work on us we get strength to move forward with a hope beyond words. Thanks to Lorraine Cuddeback for this inspiring post. Charles Alphonse

Daily Theology

There is something unsettling, or maybe just de-centering, when you live through a Christmas marked by the illness of someone you love. Christmas looks, feels, sounds, tastes different. Anxiety overwhelms eager anticipation, and relief overshadows excitement. Plans and traditions shift; planning at all is difficult, because each day feels unsteady.  When it’s over, you are grateful that another one is survived.

Three weeks before Christmas, I learned that my father would need a triple bypass, and it would be needed immediately according to his cardiologist. My father has been dealing with heart problems for over fifteen years, and in that time he has had multiple stints and angioplasties. When he went in for his cardiac cath that morning, we expected another one of those, and instead of a minor procedure, we learned he would need open heart surgery.

As heart surgeries go, I knew in an intellectual sense that a…

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