A way to be happy is …?

Happiness & Holistic Integration

Do you know the way to be happy? Happiness is one of the human emotions that we human beings tend to seek every now and then. True happiness can be found in varied ways. We need to find a way to happiness that fits into our way of life and temperament.  John Powell, the great psychologist wrote a book on “Happiness is an inside Job.” In that book he highlights that some blame others for their lack of happiness. In reality the choice is ours to take it or to pursue the ways to happiness.


Possible hurdles to happiness & A way out of it:

Some months ago a very rich person said that every now and then he is feeling lonely and sad.  He was living a well-planned but isolated way of life where there was very limited space for social interest. In the course of our dialogue he agreed  to reach out to his needy neighbors few times a week. And that reaching out to the other selflessly, he later said, brought him some joy. There is an inexplicable joy in making someone happy and enjoy that. Try this if you are feeling low and dull. My sadness may be the result of my selfishness and closed outlook of life and relationships. May be true that happiness is invariably connected to sharing of something to someone above all doing something noble & altruistic.

The time to be happy is now… the place to be happy is here…the way to be happy is to make someone happy…” is one of the very inspiring songs I love to listen and get motivated.

Dance around & heal the world

God is said to be doing cosmic dance.  And different religions, particularly Hinduism talk about creation as the result of the Creator’s creative dancing. Wisdom literature in Bible talks about God’s wisdom personified as a lady doing a dance. And later on the same wisdom gets connected to Mother Mary the wisdom embodiment of God’s eternal love which dances with joy. Many religions have their own worship patterns and dance forms a part in some of them. Dancing brings relief and above all happiness to the dancer and to the viewers.

Dance then wherever you may be and whatever may be your burdens and worry dance them out!

Enjoy the dance of this noble elderly person

(Thanks to Br. Joaquim Hangalo Ofm Cap., Rome,( joajoshang@gmail.com) for introducing me to the beautiful world of Social Media & to Mr. Prabhu Christopher, Chennai, India for this lovely video)


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