Counselling is an Art…!

Counselling is an Art…!

Deep Desire in us:Calm-a1

Deep within us well all have the  desire towards ‘well-being’ and good health.  The unhealed wounds of the past leave a scar on each one of us and we have to understand the importance of healing. Well-being would include many aspects of our personality. That is physical, psychological and spiritual. A correct insight will be to take care of the person in his/her totality. Taking one aspect of a physical nature for consideration will not lead to a lasting healing or well-being. Like for example, a person who complains of having headache very often may be having certainly physical aspect to look into but deep down there could be also emotional concerns that he has neglected to take care of. A realistic counseling psychologist will tend to address those areas where he has suffered pain and set back in his emotional level.

Counselling is an art

Conselling is a passion, gift and an art to be further learned with the sense of wonder. While helping a person through this art or skill one can realize the gift one has to reach out to the other. It is an attempt to facilitate lasting changes in a person by knowing the inner and outer world of the client and thus helping the individual handle the emotional and other aspect of his/her personality.

Noble entry into the world of Counselling

Counselling involves two persons minimum that is the counselor and the counselee who is being helped to take care of himself. Group counseling sessions may have more than one person and can be had with many persons. During the Tsunami counseling sessions I had accompanied hundreds of traumatized persons in a hall due to the vastness of the number and other practical reasons. All that is important is to facilitate changes in persons and help them open up their inner potential to heal themselves.

Non-Judgemental compassionate presence

I still remember an event that took place in my counseling career. One day a person came to my office and said that she wanted to talk to me. I welcomed her and made her feel comfortable. After few seconds of casual introduction she handed over a bunch of paper and said, “Please go through this and I will come to meet you tomorrow.” I got that and when I started reading the content of the materials written I realized that it was her life story with all its details. She had verbalized all her life journey with its pitfalls and struggles. The next evening she came to my office and asked that am I not upset with her life story. “I felt very small before your truthfulness and the trust you had to share with me your life story.” I further encouraged her to handle her emotions and get healed. It was a insight filled moment of respect and leaning about how counseling sessions could become moments of sacred encounter with other human beings who are fragile and tender.


It is a non-judgmental compassionate presence of a counselor which works wonders in the heart and life of the client. A good counselor can awaken the healing potentials within the client and make him see his life differently from the way she used to.

In this there is a need to have a good understanding and positive outlook towards one’s own psycho-sexual nature and its beauty. It could be also important to understand the need to develop life-giving relationships.

Try to listen to people in a non-judgemental way.


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