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How big our hearts can be?

That young girl from a village was very intelligent and secured very good marks in her Higher Secondary Exams. Her Dad was suffering from mental illness and so she could not realize her dream of taking up higher studies. And at that juncture friends of Arun and under the leadership of Mr. Dharma came together and made up their mind to educate her in a good Engineering College. With their big support she was able to complete her studies successfully and this month she got her first salary as an Engineer selected in the campus interview. This is one of the many beautiful initiatives of the friends of Arpanalaya. If not for their timely help she would not have achieved her dreams.

They all share a common vision, spirituality and generous heart that is to help the needy, sick and the poor not counting the creed, colour or religion. Just last year (2017) they have started a trust titled “Arpanalaya Chritable Trust,” a non- profit organization situated at Nagercoil, in Tamilnadu, India, with an aim to continue their work for the needy in an organized way. Surprisingly up to that time all good works Arun and his team members did was known only to God and the beneficiaries. In our manipulative world of self-glory, these people show how big our heart can be if we love God and humanity.

You are welcome to collaborate with them.


Mr. Arun contact no: 0033634297344

Mr. Dharma no: 0091 9487056974

Arpanalaya Charitable Trust Adress:

NO 3-113/2 Nandavana Street, Ramapuram Post, Nagercoil-639 303, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, South India.



Yoga for Flourishing & well-being

I am glad to introduce one of our energetic healers of Purnarita Sessions, that is Ms. Rajeshwari. She is an inspirational Yoga teacher and healer.


She conducts sessions at her Samriddhi Yoga Centre in and around Bangalore, India. She is a passionate teacher who builds humanity through her yogic integral ways. It is beautiful to be open to know the richness coming from other religion and art beyond one’s own. God’s goodness is manifest in manifold ways.

You are welcome to visit her youtube videos and have a look at this link:

Youtube links:

What is yoga?


Yoga for back pain:


For 10 minutes relaxation


To handle anxiety, stress & tension


For healthy beautiful eyes


Yoga for Knee pain:

Yoga to loose weight


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An inspirational message for the Engineers

Hats off to all those engineers who spare nothing to create something out of something. Their positive side is that they have technological resources at their reach or can have access. To respond to the call of the ecologists they can come out with innovative and people friendly technology which will not compromise the well-being of all. Thanks to all those who did that in the past that is why I am also able to communicate to you through this blog and to all who are deliberating now to do something new for a better living. Unfortunately there are some experts in technology and business who think only about their comfort. May be they were not trained to find meaning in being generous and thoughtful about others while striving to achieve greater fortunes. Children and youth need special motivation to have an universal sensibility.


Are you an Engineer? If yes, you have a message here in this link: If no, you may share this link with your engineer friends and relatives.


Heart Focus

Heart based initiatives

They bring new meaning when our head tends to see everything blocked. In our materialistic and business dominating world every field is filled with competitions and conflicts. Particularly the young people are so tuned to compete that they have no training sometimes to train their heart or see the reality from the heart. Thanks to some parents who at least pay attention to this reality.

Experts like Prof. Alexander Lyod are very true in saying that we need to increase the focus with heart. Due to life struggles our heart screen could be full of negativity but time and again we need to fill it with God’s love and human love so that we are successful and happy.


I tell my students and participants who attend the Purnarita Integral Optimism Seminars to reason from the heart and have love focus to be passionately positive. Modern world has enough for head focus but we need continued reminder for heart focus.


Easter of Peace

Poem to Inspire our Hearts

Enjoy reading this passionate poem in Italian on Easter Peace written by Riccard a 12 yrs old polish boy from Rome. He sent this letter through her Mom Irene to greet the friars of our community. Hats off to him.




Easter of Peace

Every Child likes it

But if the war is already in the world;

then deep down every person is not happy.

Jesus is risen, But peace No

But all together; Asians, Americans,

Europeans, Africans;

Of all the races and colors

A new world of good mood

it will rise again among the love of the people

And the war will have become nothing


This is the Easter Card prepared by Riccard. And his Mom says that day after tomorrow is his Birthday. May God bless Riccard.



Inspiring Compassion in the Holy Week

Motivation to help the suffering



Holy Week is the special time when Christians all over the world meditate and contemplate upon the suffering and passion of Christ their Master. This leads many of them to undergo heart transformation. Meditating sometime every week about the true heroes like Jesus who did not hesitate to offer his own life for the well-being of the humanity could make one truly human and strong. In all of us there is a tender humanity that moves us seeing a needy neighbor but sometimes we silence that or ignore it due to fear and selfish greed.


Inspiring people to be compassionate and loveable could be started with remembering some great people’s lives.

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Stephen Hawkings a Model for resilience

Can a horrible disease make someone bounce back with optimism, humour and daring initiatives? Yes we have some models but recently our world has lost one such great personalities.


That was Stephen Hawking We have a great role model in him as he represents millions of those noble people who despite their challenging physical conditions could configurate creatively and say if you will you can cross any barriers. He inspired confidence in many persons who were physically challenged with unthinkable conditions. He was living with motor neurone desease from the time he was only just 22 years and doctors seems to have said that he will live only for a short time. The disease left him to live from that time on the wheel chair, unable to speak, except with the help of the voice synthesizer. But he, with a firm will, motivation and hard work, plunged into different fields of interest like that of music, film, sports apart from science. He came out with the innovative theory of cosmology as a union of relativity and quantum mechanics

Salient features of his personality

Strong will to succeed

Motivated pursuit

Sense of humour all the time

Acquiring knowledge through continued reading of many books and gathering information about different fields.

Some of Stephen’s touching thoughts for motivation:

-Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it.

-Picking a career that gives you an inner compass of purpose absolutely has positive effects on your life

-Although there was a cloud hanging over my future, I found, to my surprise, that I was enjoying life in the present more than before. I began to make progress with my research.

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