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Clinical Burnout-19

One of the recent phenomenon referred by psychiatrists and others with regard to stress is ‘Clinical Burnout.’ It sheds light on how one can loose the vigour, meaning, happiness and health despite having lots of money and other comforts. It is a condition one step deeper than stress. We can say that if one is exposed to continued stress and lack of self-care despite pre-burnout warnings then it may lead to ordinary burnout and then to clinical burnout.


It is a reality even touching even the countries that are sensible to the wellbeing and relaxing of their citizen. One can also imagine the conditions of ordinary people living in nations where the rich are worried only about their own comforts and are least bothered about common good. There the worst affected people will be the poor because they can’t afford comfort bringing resorts and areas. On the other side today’s demands in the business industry and life needs bring more and more pressure particularly on young people even among the rich who have to toil a lot extra to compete. Competition, greed, exploitation, excessive indulgence, lack of proper exercise and company of loving people may speed up the clinical burnout.

If people lack proper rest and night sleep they will be the victims of this type of clinical burnout. Its symptoms recognized by the psychiatrists like Freudenberger, Siobhán Murray, Marie Åsberg, psychologist Jacky Francis Walker and others are:

Undue stress, exhaustion, lack of life, helplessness, inability to concentrate on anything, difficulty in remembering essential things, continued sleeplessness, anxiety, messy conditions all around, difficulty to perform one’s duty and feeling overwhelmed by the existing stress.

Ways to handle the clinical burnout:

-Get help from an expert when it is too much to handle alone. Experts differ in their treatment process so it is always good to find a good clinician or a counselor to help.

-Alternative therapies can be undertaken with the help of those experts and medical personal. It can speed up the healing process. It is valid for any physical and mental challenge.

-One can further handle it with a support group introduced by an expert so that one can learn from others who struggle with the similar sordid conditions.

-Failure to schedule proper relaxation time is the root cause of clinical burnout and not the hard work for many hours is the finding by Dr. Marie Åsberg. So regular fitness exercises for few minutes will help one to align the body and regulate the blood flow.

Poornartia Integral optimism This model is one of the good ways to handle the clinical burnout. In our seminars conducted in different countries of the world by our team members recommend integral,  optimistic ways of life, Brain Gym and Brain Dance (suggested by Paul Dennison and Gail) along with the integral spiritual meditation to live a healthy life in this burnout prone world. Participants have reported a lot of relief. It will also help one to recover the lost energy.

-Following poornarita integral ways with its integral loving care and healing will be good to start with. Busy people found a short cut after attending our one week seminar and then periodical follow-sessions.

-Getting enough night sleep can bring lots of relief. Some people fail to do that due to the over use of mass media and other non-intelligent habits. It is good to keep away the mobile and electronic gadgets one hour before the sleep.

-Spiritual practices of silent meditation and contemplation of God’s love.

We all need an integral living for ourselves and sensitivity to the needs of others. Good attitudes can bring health and happiness. Good news is we can work at it personally and joining hands with good willed people.

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Integral Optimism and NLP Course-India

After inner healing it will be an insight for integrating life realities meaningfully


Capuchin Institute for Psychotherapy & Research, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, S. India

In collaboration with Assisi Ashram

12-17th Aug 2019, Assisi Ashram, Pampanvilai, India

It is a one step further initiative after Inner Healing of our frozen wounds. A journey forward into integrating life hurts and accepting the realities even if they are not resolved. This course will offer insights and exercises to configurate integral ways of living happily and achieve something in life. To be happy we need to do our part even if many things are not changed and unresolved. This course with its integral optimistic touch will prepare us for that.

Interesting Questions: Am I an integrated person? What is that I need to further integrate in my life to be successful and happy?

This seminar will be facilitating one to grow further into be an integral person respecting one’s own social, cultural, religious and educational background. It will introduce the participant to: A Passionate optimism through Integral ways – Help to get introduced to NLP, Neuroscience & other Mind Power tools –  Poornarita’s harmoniously integrative ways will offer the possibility for inner healing with a few modern integral therapies of  counselling, Spiritual Meditation and other tools of true achievement.


If you are interested, please contact:

Contact: Fr. Mathew Ofm Cap, The Director, Email:

Mobil: +919445844408, 9486486899

Director, Assisi Ashram, Pampanvilai, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, South India

Course Fee: 3000/-  Inclusive of Boarding & Lodging

Resource Persons: Fr. Charles Alphonse Ofm Cap, Fr. Mathew Senthil Kumar Ofm Cap, Fr. John Britto Ofm Cap, Dr. Deepa OSM & Anugraha Staff.


Life with Psychosis

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at 20.30.09

Living with mental illness is one of the realities that some of our brothers and sisters encounter in their life journey. It is a very challenging fact to live with and keep on moving forward particularly with constant medical support and other alternative therapies. In my experience of accompanying such noble people with mental challenge convinces me that if you are faithful to medication as suggested by your physician and follow integral optimistic ways of living like (brain dance, natural food, heart exercise and loving surrender to God’s grace) you will find a way to live happily. Here is a very good article of a beautiful person who has succeeded that way. Hats off to the author who remains anonymous and thanks to BBC for coming out with such inspiring articles.

Thanks to the author of that above image if you know the source do inform me.

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Les Brown motivates on resilience

Recently I came accross the motivational videos of Les Brown who surprises us with his enthusiasm and deep thoughts coming from a person who knew what it means to suffer Cancer and other difficulties.

We can succeed in any situation if we attempt to have a project to work on and seek help to do together with trust worthy and generous people. And there Creator God is always present showering us with opportunities.IMG_20190318_124043_082

Get inspired from this link:

Hope in trouble

Integral Foot Prints

Integrally loving and compassionate people leave their foot-prints that remind us of the goodness they have.IMG-20190214-WA0013

Filling our hearts with love and affective memories can transform us to be integral. The needy and the poor will be the most grateful people when they witness integral loving gestures of compassion. World suffers due to greed and individualism. But love can heal this world.


Sri Vethathiri Maharishi – A mystic very relevant today


IMG-20190112-WA0046The inspiration I got from Sri Vethathiri Maharishi was to wish good to all. He taught the humanity how to live a healthy life, share and prosper here on earth.

Talking about Godliness he says that all of us have that. But it is locked sometimes within us due to anger, greed, undue expectations.

His contributions are effective because he combines spiritual reflections with modern scientific thoughts. His serene personality, humility, goodness, peace of mind and good will attracts. Let us take all that helps for us to live our lives.

I am sending some of the links you may listen when you have sometime. It is good sometimes to listen to Spiritual Persons like Sri Vethathiri who go beyond religion to appeal to our hearts. Best wishes.

Blessings Peace Harmony by Vethathiri Maharishi in English